The Set Menus: With nearly all French restaurants, the best value meal is usually lunch. Nearly all restaurants will offer a well-priced set menu (formule) at lunchtime (dejeuner) during the week, and some at the weekend too. In the evening, you will usually be offered various formules as well, depending on what you want to spend. Look closely, as some of these may also include paired wines for your courses. Each dish will also be offered on a separate menu list (à la carte), so you can mix and match if you wish, but this method will almost always prove to be more expensive.

The Wine: All local restaurants will serve a good variety of Gaillac wines at very reasonable prices, as well as some from other regions of France. You will have difficulty in finding non-French wine.

Atmosphere: This is where some French restaurants seriously falter. The difference can be immense between eating out on the terrace in the summer and indoors in the winter in the same establishment. I have noted if there is an exceptionally good vibe about a place.

Times: Unless a restaurant specifically states Service Continuation or Sans Interruption, they will stop serving lunch at 2pm, and start again about 7pm. There are very few which are open all afternoon.

Booking: Let us know if you would like us to make a reservation for you.

Transport: Please ask us if we are available to drive you to and from your restaurant. €5 per person per single journey. 

Our Favourite Local Restaurants:

Local Countryside

Lou Cantoun €€€
This is the closest nice restaurant to us. It’s run by the celebrated chef Bernard Gisquet, in the small historic village of Cestayrols – a 5-10 minute drive or 45 minute walk across fields. This is a delightful restaurant for lunch – there is a small terrace at the back, and is perfect during the summer. The evening formules are delicious, but can get quite pricey. Good value formule de dejeuner. We have eaten here several times.

Chateau Salettes €€€€
This is a renowned local restaurant, mainly because of a former Michelin star (which they lost because the chef moved away). Its reputation is still good, although its main criticism is the very quiet, placid atmosphere. The Chateau itself is beautiful, and they produce some stunning wines. Some of the formules can be a bit pricey. We have not yet eaten here. It is a 5-10 minute drive away.

Camping at Cahuzac €€€
The campsite just as you enter Cahuzac-sur-Vere to the right has a lovely simple open air restaurant. The menu is basic but hearty. Booking recommended.

La Maison Gourmande €€ €€
This is a small impressive delicatessen which opens its door to evening tapas on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday. We have not yet eaten here, but we have sampled some of their lovely wares at summer vineyard concerts. Marssac, 10 minutes drive.

Gaillac – 10-15 minutes drive

La Vigne en Foule €€€
This is located on the main square in Gaillac, and is a very smart, modern, small restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. It grows larger in the summer with tables on the square. Good food, nice wine list. We have eaten here a couple of times.

Au Fil des Saison €€ €€
This is probably our favourite restaurant in Gaillac. Their formules are well-priced, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They offer an excellent way of trying out some local wines you may never have come across – for €13 per person (winter 2018 price), they will offer you a different glass of wine with each course – but they usually let you sample 2 or 3 before you choose. Atmosphere is better on the terrace in the summer than indoors. It can get busy at the weekends. We have eaten here several times.

La Table du Sommelier €€ €€
This is located in a very quaint small square in Gaillac. We have had one excellent meal here, and one not-so-excellent. Their focus is definitely on wine. For me, the biggest selling point is being able to sit out by the fountain in the summer.

Café des Sport € €€€
Don’t let the name of this café put you off! In the summer, on the main square in Gaillac, there is nowhere nicer or simpler to have a large salad and a refreshing beer for lunch.

Pizzeria St Pierre € €€€
Probably one of our favourite low key pizza restaurants. In the main square in Gaillac.

Le Conti € €€€
In the main square, recently refurbished simple bistro serving a wide menu. Great for an inexpensive lunch.

Albi – 20 minutes Drive

Clos St Cecile €€
I doubt you will find a more impressive, tranquil terrace than here. Their tree-covered, gravelled garden is set around the stone steps of a Tarnais house, only metres from the cathedral in Albi. The two lunchtime formules are extremely good value, and the staff are always efficient and friendly. I find it hard to have any other starter than their garlic herring. Delicious! Booking in the summer is essential.

Le Pontié €€ €€
This is a reliable easy-going favourite. If we can’t decide where else to go, we will end up here. It is a large, stylish and impressive restaurant, on the edge of the old town. The menu is extensive, and it’s equally fun to sit inside or out. Even if you don’t want to eat, make sure you stop here for a coffee or a rosé on the terrace in the summer, and watch the crowds go by.

La Part Des Anges €€€€
This is a great spot for both lunch and dinner, or even just a cocktail on the terrace. As far as I’m aware it’s Albi’s only roof-top restaurant. It’s part of the brand new, imposing theatre, and the restaurant itself matches the impressive architectural standards of the building. It’s a place for a celebration, or just an elegant night out. We’ve never failed to have an excellent meal here. The weekend formules are quite expensive, but the weekday lunches are good value.

L’Epicurien €€€€
One of our new favourites. At last we have a chef in Albi who values the look of a venue as much as his cooking. The style and atmosphere of the restaurant are outstanding. Both the lunch and the evening meal we’ve had here were fantastic (I’m still dreaming about the deconstructed duck pancakes!) The Swiss chef definitely has a slight Asian influence, but that by no means defines the menu. A very special treat.

Tourelle St Loup/Chez Fabrice € €€€
This is a new addition to the Albi culinary scene. We have not yet tried it, but are dying to. It has a small but impressive terrace overlooking the river Tarn, high up in the old town. It only opens from 12pm – 7pm, so only serves lunch and afternoon snacks.

Alchimy €€€€
A small boutique hotel in the heart of the old town, next to the courts of justice. One of our new favourites. Great menu and warm efficient service. Open Sunday evenings.

Further Afield

Moulin De Varen €€€

We ate here in November 2017, just as they were closing their doors for a major renovation. They are due to open again in Spring 2018. It is a very popular and highly recommended restaurant on the banks of the river Aveyron, run by a Scottish chef. We had a lovely afternoon there (despite the rain!) Tranquil atmosphere. About a 35 minute drive

Le Belffroi Tentations €€€
Incredible courtyard setting right in the heart of St Antonin Noble Val, seconds away from the main market square. We had a wonderful lunch in the height of summer a few years ago. Definitely essential to book in the summer. 45 minutes drive